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•Lighting: ProphotolifeYou Tube videos

*  This immersive tool allows you to gain a deeper understanding of how controls are affected by different variables. Replicate and react to the change in light over the course of a day or practice adjusting one setting at a time.  Try the software for free!


The Art of Photography


Help with Basics

*Exposure: SS F-stop, ISO

Need help with Depth of Field?

What is a good exposure?

Help with exposure go to:

What does a shutter do?

What does the aperture do?

Need Help with White Balance?  

Night Photography

Adobe Camera Raw tutorials:

1-All Adobe Turorials: raw&t=All&sort=relevancy&CommonProduct=Photoshop


2- Camera RAW:


4- How to make non destructive edits in CR – Edit details with precision( 6 mins) 

The above video goes further into CR Tools than 1st video